Thursday, July 2, 2009

Damn it I posted another pic twice.

Oh well, just wanted to show pics of my fierce bad hunting dogs, silly critters.

The pic of the device on the hood of the truck is my custom made Snake Dispatch Tool. My dad made this for me after an encounter I had with a Copperhead. At the time, I only had a rather short pair of hedge clippers as a weapon. The snake was in my garage and my dogs were right there, so I grabbed what I had available and whacked the shit out of it's head. Anywhoo, dad decided I needed something more effective, so he made this for me. It has already come in handy when I had to dispatch a half dead groundhog that Gracie found, and last night when I found a Black Snake sitting on top of one of my feed cans, I was able to ask it to leave, in a rather inpolite kind of way. I keep it hooked onto the back of Dolly with a bungy cord.


  1. Wow. I ain't messing with You!

    I have that exact shovel dispatcher. Husband uses it. I don't feel the need to kill foot long garters.
    A Copperhead??? And your dogs were there?

    Wow, brave woman.


  2. You very brave chickie !! I would still be running if it were me!

  3. Does it take magnum load CCC?
    A lazer sight would be cool, too.

    GL- believe it or not, copperheads are more toxic to humans to dogs. Of course, we would prefer they not get bit, but it usually just takes OTC benedryl to treat them. I am very fortunate not to have to had to deal with that but I know several breeders that deal with multiple bites per year.

  4. Wow, I did not know that, NCC.

    (why am I humming Steve Earl's "Copperhead Row" song now??)

    You could smell the whiskey burnin' down Copperhead Row...

  5. I had never heard taht ncc... cute houndies. I need a tool like that. Very nice!

  6. My dad is very creative with stuff. If you look close to where the handle attaches to the shovel head, there is a saw blade that he attached so if I am fending off an attacker with the tool, the attacker would try to grab the handle to get it away from me and get hold of the saw blade and I just yank back. Owwwy!!

  7. Hey GL, Not trying to be mean or nit picky, but I think the song is "Copperhead Road". REALLY good song though! One of the faves.

  8. That is a fairly hardcore anti snake device.

    I would probably pee if I even had to THINK of using it.

    Thats guts you got.

  9. PS. my verification word was "aluiation"

  10. Roses, I stand totally corrected.

    You could smell the whiskey burning...

    My nephew, now (gasp) almost 19, loved that song! Nothing cuter than a toddler singing/dancing to it.

    Good thing you have memory cells left over, Roses. Mine are obviously pooping out..

    Copperhead Rooooad...
    Duh. I haven't heard it in ages..
    Great song..
    I liked the pipes in it the best, of course:)