Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just some random pictures today. The cat is Casper-Batman, I think he is actually a mini black panther. He is the world's best barn cat. He is people friendly but will kill whatever comes along. He is not afraid of anything, including large cat-hating dogs. His idea of grooming himself is to roll around on the rock driveway. Not really too effective. He was dumped on our old property about 6 years ago. He had tags on and when we called, the people said they didn't want him. Sad!
I think I need to trim back the Wisteria, it is starting to attack people when they come to the front door.
Just the Pacas hanging out in their stall with the fans on. We were so fortunate to already have broodmare sized stalls at this barn, and they even have stall mats in. The Pacas like to pee and poo right in the middle, does make clean up easy.
Took a pic of the sky because it is such a pretty blue. Usually this time of year we have lots of humidity and the sky doesn't look that clear and blue.


  1. RealMAN Cat, that Cat.
    Thank goodness he ended up with you!

    Oh, I do love them 'pacas!

  2. Oh, and thanks for the blue sky. I've almost forgotten what it looks like!

    Husband's cutting the grass between downpours...
    Yup, he's still alive. Just.