Saturday, August 1, 2009

Starting to scan some pics from one of the family albums. The above pics are from the 1960's. The top two are of me when I was a baby. Of course that is mom and dad holding Chuck and I. Then there is the one of Chuck holding me. Both were from June of 1961. I was 5 months old and Chuck was 13 months old. The formal pic is of mom and dad before they went to the Army Ball. Handsome couple they were. The pic to the right is right after we moved to Va Beach in 1967. We were on the Boardwalk. That was when Va Beach was a really cool place to live. The last pic is of Chuck, me, Sam and Sylvester in the house in Va Beach.
Just some more pics of life at that house. The lady with mom is my grandmother, she was the most special person ever. Then dad and I with Sam and then Chuck and I doing what we did every summer. Swim, Swim, Swim. That was a really great place that we lived. As you can see, the house had a deep water canal that led out to Broad Bay that then led out to the Chesapeake Bay. We were all about the water.

These pics were taken the summer before we were transferred to Missouri. Chuck and I with my wonderful Grandmother. Travelling in my dad's VW camper, beaching it and waterskiing. We had such a great time back then.
I will next work on scanning the Africa pics.
These pics scanned really well, but if you click on them, they are so much better. I guess ya'll probably know that though.


  1. Oh, way cool, CCC! What a gorgeous couple your mom and dad are! Your Mom is so beautiful, and your dad is a hunk!
    Wow, you and Chucky are so close in age.

    Your photos scanned better than many of my photos. Your Mom and Dad must have taken great care of those old pictures. So cool, isn't it, when you can actually see the picture better in a scan!

    Thanks for posting these pictures down your memory lane.

    Looking forward to more!

    (first, BTW)


  2. GL:

    Mom was definitely a hotty and dad was a hard- charging steely-eyed soldier (that is what he always told me), but yes, I think they were a handsome couple.

    Memory lane can be quite sentimental, I was teary the whole time I did this. We had such good times back then. What a wonderful place it was to be a kid.

    I was very pleased with how the pics scanned. Mom and dad always did a good job of putting pics in albums and storing them.

    Will work on more shortly.

  3. GL:

    On futher review, I goofed on our ages. I don't think what I said is actually medically possible. I was 5 months old and Chuck would have been 25 months old. He was born in May of 1959 and I was born in January of 1961. Silly me.

  4. Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing .I will have to get after scanning my old photos some day soon .Great way to hang on to precious memories.
    Sorry I am so late checking these , huge storm here ,power was out till now