Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a few pictures from the farm. The first two are me trying to get pics of my flock of hummers. Little buggers are like most critters, all over the place being cute and amazing, when you get the camera out, no where to be found. If you click on the pics, should be able to see better.
Middle pic is my gift from our girl Fern for being the closest in her foal pool. It is gorgeous and how very appropriate is that. Not only did I get this lovely piece of glass work, she sent me a really cool picture frame with a lovely pic of my man Justus in it. What a cute bugger he is and what a special friend Fern is. Many hugs and kisses to her. I will be doing that same type of thing with my Paca girls. Miss Caitlin is due in September and I have two due in November. Details to follow.
Second pic from the bottom is of my upside down tomato plant. This is my dad's thingy dingy. The vine is really beautiful, it was planted late but I think it will be very productive. Dad planted it from seed, it took a while to sprout, but then took off. I love home grown tomatoes.
Last pic is just a shot I took when I was out getting ready to grill dinner. Can you tell I love this place?
I do still plan to start posting old pics from family albums, it just takes a bit to pick and then scan. My brother was in all last weekend and I didn't want to spend a bunch of time on the computer while he was here. I promise to start working on it this week, and since I am such a lame-brain about this stuff, will post a few at a time.


  1. WOW, look at them all!
    Oh, I love hummers...
    Great pics, CCC.
    I had a heck of a time with my old albums, they are so ancient and fragile. The old pictures, too. Yeah, I guess, me too.
    No rush, dear CCC, as you find time. You have lots to do!
    I'll be here.
    Beautiful glass hummer from Fern! Jeeepers, I didn't realize you'd won, I was too busy accusing GreyMare of fixing the darn contest.
    (for which I was kidding, BTW)
    How did you get the oxytocin to Alberta in time!

    KIDDING, Fern!!!!

  2. Beautiful pics ! and the little glass hummer fits in just like I imagined it would ! So pleased you like it.Your home truly looks like a patch of heaven!