Saturday, May 8, 2010


It finally happened, we were able to pick up the new ladies. The grey is Ore Hill Bubbles and the brown/white is SNF Wind Dancer.

I will get some more individual pictures later. They are all kinda milling around each other at this point, but it is going pretty well. It was funny to watch Boots, he kept sniffing under Dancer's tail, and she kept kicking him in the chest. Apparently, Boots isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Bubbles just spit on everyone, LOL!

I had to add the pics of my baby girls Clare and Kerry, sweet wittle things!!!


  1. Man, they have great hair:)
    They really are the oddest looking little aliens, aren't they? Funny things. ADORABLE!

    Love the baby pics, I was wondering how they were!

    (schnuggle, schnuggle)

    Thanks for Posting, Paca Potentate!

  2. OH, almost forgot.
    Stomp for AC is tonight, 7pm EST.

    But thanks for last night's warm-up stomp.
    A stomp of smarm is always welcome.
    Can you wake up NCC? She needs to comment on ND's blog, fcs.

  3. Oops, thought stomp was last night, hope Buck didn't cause a sunami somewhere.

    The baby girls are just so loveable, they are now following me around and Clare will even get in my lap when I sit down, LOL!

    I think Dancer has great bangs and she is tall and long legged so the name fits really well.

    Bubbles is very interesting. The pics don't do her justice really. She has dark purply grey spots on her which is probably why she is called Bubbles. We have a batch of fiber from when she was shorn, it is much darker than what she looks like shorn.

    I will get better pics of both when things settle down a bit.

  4. Thanks Kes, we are excited to bring in some new bloodlines and color to our herd.

    We won't be getting anymore adults for quite awhile. We are up to twenty now and in the fall hopefully will be adding four cria and then three more in the spring.

    Kevin will be working on adding more fencing/shelter in our far field over the next months to accomodate our expanding herd.

  5. Hey!!! My hair looks just like that right now. Just goes to show that even if God provides mirrrors, not everyone looks in them.

    I met a guy selling alpaca fiber today for knitting, OMG it was so soft!!! And Pricey!!

  6. Awww the cuties. Cuthi, who's helping me read, likes them too. They sounds so cute and lap pacas as well.

  7. I really like Bubbles. I would love to see her blanket. My yarn shop is offering beginning knitting classes, with a drop spindle. Oh, yea; I need another project(talent)!!! But, but, but....the fiber/yarn is sooooo yummy! I adore paca mix yarn and how it knits.

  8. The people we got them from provided a hunk of her blanket and a skein of yarn made from her fiber. TO DIE FOR SOFT!

    I wish everyone could come to the house and put their hands in the bags of fiber I have stored, yummmy!!!

  9. The new girls look great ! what a hairdoo! and thanks for the new pics of Kerry and Clare . beautiful!

  10. I just realized where I get my fashion/hair sense from.

    Off to admire my heroine, Dancer.
    That big top-knot, I have that down pat!

  11. Clare and Kerry are such sweet little girls. LOve their faces, in fact, ALL your paca's faces. And those two little toes on each foot.
    Dancer and Bubbles, very pretty ones, CCC!