Sunday, May 16, 2010


On Friday, I read a story about two seventeen year old boys in Ohio who have been arrested in the death of a three month old alpaca cria named Masterpiece. These boys stole this animal, beat him to death with a makeshift club and dumped his poor, lifeless body in some barn.

As I scratch and love on my cria, I can't help but think of Masterpiece.

I put the pics up of my cria because they are the faces of Masterpiece. These faces are what those two boys looked at while they intentionally beat the life out of him. Why would someone do something like that? I can't comprehend this sickness.

The State of Ohio is stepping up to the plate on this one at least. As of right now, one of the boys will be tried as an adult on the felony charges which include grand theft. The other boy's charges are still pending and the twenty three year old woman who was in on it is being charged as an accomplice.

I HATE what this world has become!


  1. It is so sick what tings have come to when a mere child has so much hate and violence in his heart to make such a brutal attack ! Hugs to you and Godspeed, Masterpeice RIP.

  2. I hear ya, CCC. Sickening, frightening. That poor sweet creature.

    Those sick, sick minds..

    Hugs, CCC. Thank heavens you're there.

  3. :(

    Thats horrible.

    Some people are missing pieces of their grey matter.

    I knew of a kid in highschool who bought mice just to throw them out the (moving) car window.

    Poor little cria.

  4. That poor baby. I can't even begin to imagine how anything that young and innocent could do a single thing to warrant such treatment. I hope for the sake of Masterpiece, there was one blow that took his life and ended it all, not forcing him to endure a lengthy horrifying process.

    At least they have found and arrested those responsible. Now lets just hope the courts hold up their end of the process and lock them away where they belong. It has been stated several times over and research has shown-> they start with animals and move on to humans. In cases like this, the death penalty would be fine with me too. Not wasting tax dollars to support such scum of the earth for the rest of their lives.

    Rest in peace and Godspeed, Masterpiece.

  5. That poor little baby! How on earth could they? And how could they justify that, even to themselves? How hideous! Give those babies of yours a few extra pats for me, 'cause I think I am gonna cry. I just checked out a paca book from the library, so soft and wooly! (And what was that woman's problem--to egg them on and for what? Wonder what HER defense is--hmmm?)

  6. I feel sick. That poor little guy. I hope they get what's coming to them. Please update us on what happens.

  7. Not sure if anyone will check back in here but just wanted to say that I have had a hard time coming back here.

    I did find out more horrid details, the boys thought they would just take him, mess around with him and have a bit of fun. That is a huge load of alpaca shit, the owners found a trail of BLOOD leading out of his pasture, not exactly a hoohoo kind of a fun thing now was it. Masterpiece was suspended from above and apparently beaten like he was a pinata. CNJ, I sure hope that one blow killed him, but I seriously doubt it.

    I saw something interesting on the news tonight about one of the people who are charged with the killing of a man based on a Craiglist ad in Tacoma for a diamond ring. Four people went to this house in response to the ad, they held the family hostage, pistol whipped one of the sons and one of them shot to death the father who tried to save his son. That person has a rap sheet that includes assault and guess what, ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

    If you didn't receive my petition via Facebook, please go on there to "Justice for Masterpiece" and read and maybe sign the petition.

    Thank you all so much!

  8. We had a similair incident in our state a few years back. Some boys beat a donkey to death. Because of it we have new animal cruelty laws and even a non-profit devoted to seeing farm animals get good care.

    It's so sad there are those with such hatred in their hearts they lack compassion for other living things. As long as there are such people roaming the earth none of us is really safe. Part of the human condition I guess but it really sucks.

  9. CCC, I really hope one blow early on did it. I can't imagine the horror the poor thing went through. I am glad though that they caught the culprits. I hope they do get the justice they are deserving of.

    If we are looking for any good in the story it is this. Masterpiece will never again know fear, pain, sickness or sorrow. He will never be tired, hungry or lonely. He will never want or need. For these things, we should be thankful for the little guy.

    The CL murder story, I thought had happened here? The Dad stepped up to help the son because he had always told his family he would stand up for them and protect them no matter what.

    There truly are some sick f#cks in this world. And to think we want to go into space and inhabit another planet... Why? So we can ruin things somewhere else?

  10. I am hoping that by bringing these stories to light, laws will change to protect all animals, no matter if they are companion or livestock such as Rising Rainbow has described. Good for your state!

    CNJ, I thought they said Tacoma, but I could be wrong. I was horrified by the whole thing and the bravery of that Father trying to protect his family tore at my heart!

  11. I remember with the Posada story here, the details were very disturbing. It was bad enough knowing they had done such a thing but then the horrifying details made the outcry all the worse. I believe the boys here also intended to have a bit of fun. Makes you wonder how perverted their thinking is if they think such behavior is fun, doesn't it?

    The Craigs List murder you are talking about happened here in my state. I think the murder was in a small town (maybe Edgewood) but if I remember correctly at least two of the killers were residents of Tacoma. Unnerving none the less as this is the county I live in.

  12. I realize that cruelty and perversion have been around forever, but I think it is just getting worse. I know that the easy and quick access to information brings more of this to public attention than it ever has been in the past, but I think that humans are becoming more and more immune to violence and cruelty because we are innundated with it.

    I pretty much blame most every facet of the entertainment world.

    ****This has been a public service announcement brought to you by one disgusted, angry, middle-aged woman****