Saturday, May 22, 2010


My father passed away somewhat unexpectedly on Saturday 5/22/2010. As you can see by the pictures (these have been posted before), he was career Army. He was a proud Alumni of Texas A&M and a Veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The pictures of him in uniform were of when we were stationed in Ethiopia in the early 1960's. My dad was in charge of teaching the Ethiopian Army how to operate the tanks that the USA sent over.

He was a Helluva great guy and I will miss his humor and kindness. Our Saturday morning talks and the stories we shared with each other were so very special to me!

His Spirit lives on here at HHF forever!


  1. Thinking of you my dear friend ,in your time of loss.Godspeed to your wonderful dad , and hope that the love and memories help to fill your heart.Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Thanks Sherry.

    These pictures remind me of saying my dad always had.

    He always laughingly called himself a "hard charging, steely eyed young soldier." While he might have been kidding me at the time, that is exactly what he was.

    It was from him that I got my love of horses, dogs and all animals. He was a kindhearted, sentimental man and I am so glad that I really got to know and appreciate him.

    Love you dad!

  3. CCC -
    So sorry for your loss and my sincere condolences. Dads are so special and it sounds like yours was one of the great ones. Thinking of you...

  4. So sorry for your loss. Just try to keep all those happy memories they are pricelss.

  5. CCC- Sorry to hear about your Dad. Although he is gone, does not mean he shall be forgotten.

    He's just keeping an eye on the current soldiers now. Giving them a nudge in the right direction when needed to keep them safe and welcoming those who won't be returning home to their families...

  6. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts!

  7. Sorry I'm late, CCC.
    My thoughts are with you and your family, at this bittersweet time.
    Your Da' was a grand sire.


  8. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  9. Oh, CCC, I am so sorry. You will always miss him; just it will not hurt so much. No matter how old we are; we still need our parents. Hugs and prayers....

  10. Sorry to hear about your father, hope you are feeling okay

  11. GL, he was Grand!

    Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and words.

    In a surprising move, my dad donated his body to science. Neither my mom nor I had any idea that he did this. Good for him!

    We did learn something interesting about that whole process. Apparently, just because you donate your body doesn't mean they will accept it. They get lots of donations so don't always need them. Dad's was accepted because of his medical condition, good educational study.

    Anyway, when they are finished, he will be cremated and his ashes returned to us.

    I am doing fine, there is an empty spot inside right now and it will always be there but I plan to fill it with memories and just continuing to enjoy the farm, the animals and the wildlife here that he so loved.

  12. And through his donation, education will be accomplished. Good choice by him on that! Something to leave behind for the family to be proud of. Smart man he was.

  13. Oh girl...I have not been online and did not know. My condolences and best wishes to you and your's...
    And as always please dp feel free to call when ever the notion strikes you.
    Much love and hugs...Dena and Micah

  14. CCC- so sorry I missed this post. You know how I feel but I sure enjoyed seeing the pictures. How fortunate you were to have a Dad brave enough to take the whole family on his travels. I have always loved your stories of living in the wild.

  15. What wonderful memories you have of him. Wow. Special and he both. Hugs.

  16. Beautiful tribute to your dad. It makes me teary.