Sunday, October 25, 2009


Since Little Tip is now about 5 weeks old it was time to breed Mama Caitlin again. We decided to breed her to Artemus. Keep in mind that this is the first time we have done this.
Kevin leads Artemus over, luckily, I had the brilliant idea to leave his halter on. Kevin let him loose in the pasture and Artie turned into a Wild Man. He went after everyone but was completely ignoring the only one who wasn't preggers. Of course, Chloe and Drizella, who are pregnant were majorly pissed off. Spit was flying everywhere. Artie was only thinking with his little head so he wasn't the slightest bit effected by the spitting. It was amazing that he could be mounted on the back of a running female and still keep up with his hind legs only. Kevin finally caught him by the halter and led him over to Caitlin. She being the Superstar that she is, did exactly what she needed to do.
It is certainly interesting to watch. She just kushes and he does all of the work and makes some really funny noises the whole time. Apparently, the noises a male makes causes the female to ovulate. He went to town for a good 30 minutes, he rolled off one time and got right back on. He was finally done and Kevin led him back over. Boy was he panting, he promptly put both of this front feet in his water bucket to cool off.
I think these pics are funny, nothing like having an audience when being all romantical. Notice little Tip was all over the place. He was sticking his nose in all kinds of places wondering what the big guy was doing to Mom.


  1. Bwhahahahaha!!!! Snicker!! Snort!!!!
    Too, too funny. I can only imagine what we will hear from GL on this subject.

    Next time YouTube????

  2. Caitlin:
    "What, again. Yawn."

    I'm shocked, and appalled, lassies.
    Look at poor Tip! That poor, innocent toddler!
    He'll be scarred for life! Oh, I am SO flagging this. Blogger will want to know about such flagrant x rated content! OH, the HUMANity!

    So, what shape is his weapon? Does he spin like a duck? Noises make them ovulate! Who knew!!
    Kush, baby, Kush!

    Yeah, definitely give us video;)
    This could be the BIG news flash!

    They look so peaceful.

  3. I wonder if standard poodles are descended from pacas?! Only pacas could be cute doing porn!

  4. word verf was surea...just addd the l...

  5. Paca Porn! Too funny! they lie down? who knew?

  6. Caitlin looks indifferent... and then annoyed in another pic like, um, this over yet? Hahaha.

    Oh... poor little Tip. I hope you had 'the talk' with him to explain things otherwise you just don't know what he'll think or tell the other pacas!

  7. Exactly, AB.
    What will the PTA say??

  8. LOL!
    Animals are hilarious.

    Poor baby, he will be emotionally scarred for life :D
    *squeeeeee* I want to hug the baby.

    Hey how much do they weigh when they are born??

  9. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

    The Tipster was merely taking notes for later.

    Caitlin really did look like she could have cared less. Artemus on the other hand was REALLY into the whole thing.

    GL, no spinning involved and the weapon is pretty durn long.

    ND, Tip weighed about 12-13 lbs which is a bit small but he was early. He gained quickly and is the cutest white puff ball ever! Tonight he was racing around their pasture just for the sheer joy of it.

  10. I'm calling Cria Protective Services! snork* Paca porn.

  11. snork, Cria Protective Services.


    Okay, durn long. In male terms, or in real life actual terms? You know, without a man standing around, was it still durn long? Would his Daddy be proud?
    Shaped like a cork-screw?
    like a <")

    My prurient paca ponderings predominate.
    whoah, too much burp-day dinners...

  12. Methinks some people are having waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with this!! Paca porn. What fun! Learn something new every day.

  13. You know, the older and less flexible I get, I am thinking this may be an option....

  14. Oh My God!!! This is too funny. Leave it to you girls to go peruvian wild when I am out of town.

  15. Better than Columbian Gold, Dena.
    Or maybe not.