Saturday, August 1, 2009

These first few pics are parts of Ethiopia that we saw. Sorry about the black and white but it was the early 1960's
In this segment, the top two were just several families headed out to the bush on safari. The bottom two are of my dad with the Emporer Haile Selassie. At the time, Ethiopia was an ally with the USA. Dad was there to train the Ethiopian troops how to use the tanks that were sold to them. Unfortunately, the communists came in later and destroyed the country.

These pics were taken when we were out in the bush. The Landrover was an Army issue and was nothing like the pussy Rovers they have now. The pic with the snake is rather dreadful as the snake is a Black Mamba, that would be my brother standing next to it. That would be mom and I standing over a couple of warthogs. Mom actually shot one of them, me, I just thought I was a bad ass. The bottom pic is of a log that hung out over the Gibby River. We used to camp there alot. Dad and a pilot friend found this area when they did a recon mission. They had to hack it out of the jungle with machetes, it wasn't like going to a KOA camp ground. There were hippos and crocs in that river. You did not swim there.

Just some other pics.

Those were our quarters in Addis and our Landrover that were issued by the Army. A couple of shots in the bush and Santa comes to town.
I was so very young at the time. I have very few memories of living there. I sure wish I had more. I do know my parents loved living there.
We have many more great pics of wildlife, unfortunately, they are on the old 35mm slides. One day I need to try to get them transferred to something more up to date. He has one pic of a lioness in the long grass that gives me chills everytime I see it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


  1. Fascinating pictures, CCC!
    Holy black mamba, Batman!

    And look at you, a toddler/warthog-predator!

    It certainly contributed to the incredible person you are, those early years in the bush.
    What a way for a kid to become sentient!

    Thank you so much for posting, CCC!
    The pictures are truly studies in history.

  2. CCC I want to take some time and really look around.
    With dial up it can be a real time consuming experience.
    I am writing you tomorrow.
    And I am always available to you.

  3. Wow What a wonderful journey you have been on! Great photos. So glad that you are kind enough to share.

  4. cool shots!!!! thanks for sharing

  5. I thought, "Hey, that guy looks just like Haile Selassie." Then I thought, "OMG, that's Haile Selassie!"

    Great photos.