Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pregger Paca

The white paca is Caitlin, she is an excellent producer and mother. At 12 years old, she is our oldest. A female paca can produce until about 15, I think we might breed her one more time after this cria. That would put her at about 14, I think that she will deserve her retirement after that. She will become the babysitter for the crias at weaning time.

Her cria is due on 9/23.

These pics show that she definitely has a bun in the oven.

The top pic is Annie's Choice, our young one. She will turn one in November. We will be taking her to a show in October at the Viginia Horse Center.


  1. Cria watch!!!!! Can we get a web cam?

  2. Seconding the CriaCam!

    awwwwwww. I love Annie..

    Great expression on Caitlin. Yeah, I'm knocked up..

  3. They are so sweet ! Caitlin does look like she is a little disgusted with this whole bein preggers thing

  4. And so, just out of curiosity, do pacas do twins? Never heard tell of any but then I never have done any research on them either. Jus' wunnerin'

  5. Phaedra:

    I think it is very uncommon and probably not a good thing just like with horses. We are just learning all of the ropes of the Paca business. You have to understand, my husband was on vacation, we have 30 acres, he thinks to much and BAM, we now have 15 Alpacas. LOL!

    I will be posting cria pics when Ms Caitlin foals (?), hope you will check back.

  6. Oh she looks mad in the top pic of her. Though, I was used to dodging cria spit. For some reason the vet school got some um... 'spirited' ones in. Cria's are soooo cute. I also am in favor of da cria cam!

  7. Yeah, husband on vacation. Thirty acres. Cute. Did "we can make money on them" enter the conversation, too? I am snickering quietly to myself cause it happens to us all. Seriously, I am so interested in how all this evolves because I have considered alpacas--on a lesser scale, for the wool and yarn and knitting (I am totally a rank knitting beginner--still making sense of (ugh) ribbing. so, please, do tell all in this journey with the pacas, all the grubby bits, too. I could do the research, but personal experience says soooo much more.

  8. Phaedra:

    Most certainly will do. The one bit of info I do have now, is the tax breaks you get. They are pretty big, at least as of now.

    As far as the money making, i.e. selling, breeding, stud fees, I will let you know.