Monday, April 27, 2009

This is my favorite part of the house, the view out to the back porch from the main room, and then the back porch with the view out to the back yard. The "swamp" lies a bit past the trees. I enjoy sitting out here and listening to the wildlife sounds.


  1. Oh, CCC.

    What a gorgeous spot. I love a back porch..
    Oh, I can hear the swamps sounds now:)

    and, um, FIRST!

    (looks around)
    Where is my cria??

  2. You have such a beautiful home ! and lovely artwork. I am a litte old ,but would you adopt me?

  3. BTW ...wasn't first but I was NEXT

  4. GL darling, your cria will be arriving soon, no worries.

    Thanks, we do so love this place. Kevin and I still can't believe we were so lucky.

    Everyone is welcome, you know us Smarmy Southern Belles do know how to entertain.

  5. Love the original hound rug in the third pic.

  6. WOW.
    That's about all I can muster.

    Gorgeous view, gorgeous place.

    P.S. Awesome art on the previous post too!

  7. I love, love, that porch! I would spend a lot of time out there! I really am craving property these days! ;)

  8. So sunny and open. What a lovely place you have. Our porch is what sold me on our house. We sit out there alot too.

  9. Beautiful porch! The light and wind must be amazing.

    It's wonderful that your dad paints and that you have original art. Lucky you.