Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some Other Residents of HHF


  1. Cooool. A Wild Turkey Herd!

    I have that same hummer feeder. Mine isn't out yet, because they're still hangin' out at your house:)

    Beautiful pic of your blooming tree.

  2. Thanks GL, I love the turkey. I tried to find one of the pics of the deer that cross but couldn't find the folder.

    The tree is goreous, I think a cherry blossom tree. Should have avoided the garbage cans in the pic though.

  3. Oh, you're too picky:)
    It's a beautiful pic..
    still sighing for blossoms, we have crocuses out, that's IT..
    Everything else is waiting for warmth..
    Hope you are having great weather, and a chance to ride your beautiful beasties:)
    Our sun is out, but the north wind is strong today.
    Hugs and scritches!

  4. Love the photos !Are those wild turkeys?

  5. Those beautiful tree blossoms is perfect picture for Easter.

    Gobble, gobble, how cool - turkeys!

  6. Fern:

    Yes those are wild turkeys. They cross back and forth down at the bottom of my yard on a regular basis. That was the most I've seen at one time, there were 17 of them.

    Five O'Clock:

    Hi there. I love that tree but I wish it was in the back yard so I could see it from the back porch.

  7. Wow! a whole gaggle (herd, flock?) of turkeys!!! What do they sound like when they fly? Do you get to see the baby turkeys (what do they call baby turkeys?).

    Finally, we get to see the hummers. I am hoping for hummers here, but I think I'll need to get a feeder. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Ohh, your cherry tree has blossomed. Very lovely. My cherry tree is starting to bud. It's a huge tree so it surrounds the second and third floor windows in a enormous pink bouquet.

    Love the birds. I'll have to try a feeder to see if I can attract hummers. I don't think I'll have any luck with attracting wild turkeys in downtown Toronto.

  9. BH:

    The turkeys really prefer not to fly, their take off is pretty awkward looking, actually pretty funny to watch. What they usually do is just fly into the trees. I don't know what they call baby turkeys. I will ask my dad.

    We had our first hummer for the year show up on Monday. Expecting the flock a bit later in the spring. When all of them are buzzing around my porch, their wings make some serious noise.


    Your tree sounds gorgeous. I don't really understand why they planted mine in that location. It sure is pretty when you drive into the garage or take out the trash but I would much rather it be visible from the back porch. Our back yard is about 2 acres, surely they could have found a place for it back there. Oh well!!!

  10. CCC, my favorite thing about hummers is when they do the show-off soar. They fly way high, and then zoom back down the trajectory, buzzing whoever they are showing off to, and curving up the other side. LIke a long J.
    Do yours do that? I'm not sure if it is a general characteristic or not. I love being "buzzed" by hummers. :)

  11. BH:

    Oh yea, they are big showoffs, that is for sure. They are also pretty aggresive with each other as well as other types of birds.

    I sometimes will be sitting on the back porch and one will literally hover right in front of my face. When I am adding food to their feeders, they buzz all over me, impatient little brats.

    I love to watch them zoom up to the tall pines and then zoom back down.