Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here are some ariel views of HHF. The people that we bought it from had these done prior to putting it on the market.
See the grayish trees? That is "the swamp" that I refer too. It isn't actually on our property. The farm is actually two separate lots and is long and somewhat narrow.
The water in the background is Courthouse Creek that leads out to the James River.


  1. wow, wow, wow. That's a tremendously fantastic piece of land. Speechless, I am. Thank you for letting us see your piece of paradise.

    Must say, when I first saw the top picture, before I read the description, I thought it was a close-up of some stepping stones surrounded by ground covers. lol. trick of the mind.

  2. BH:

    I love these pics, I was really glad that the previous owners left them for us.

    It is really a bit sad as they designed and built everything here but had to give it up because the man came down with a chronic lung condition and they just couldn't maintain it. They bought a place a few miles from here and it is right on the river with a gorgeous view.

  3. Incredible !! how beauiful!
    I am thinking of packing up that creatures and me to come live there! hanks for sharing the view of your patch of Heaven.

  4. What everybody said, 'specially BH. I thought the same thing, oooh, pretty ground covers!!

    Um, that would be a berry berry BIG ground cover..

    What a beautiful place!

  5. So nice!!! Now about that swamp...........

  6. GL, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. Even looking at it again, knowing what it is, it still looks like a beautiful set of stepping stones. lol.

  7. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful. I love the aerial views. Looks like paradise.