Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Memorandum

The Dalmation is Big Mac Attack, he was Spot's full brother. He was a huge Dal, about 90 lbs of pure muscle. That dog could run, FAST. He was such a sweet boy, but he was also very territorial. The polar opposite of Spot. He started having really bad grand mal seizures at 3.5. I had him on every kind of drug they could think of, nothing helped. So I had him PTS about a year later. This pic is the day before my horse vet came to my place to put him down.
The little Beagle is Wilbur the Wonder Dog. We rescued him from the median strip on our local interstate. He was about 5-6 when we got him and we had him for 5 more years. He was the sweetest thing and was so comical, he made me smile and laugh every single day. He ended up with congestive heart failure that we were able to control for about a year and a half. But one day, he just went down hill fast and we did what was necessary.
I miss them each and every day of my life.


  1. OMG, I mean, whew, I was worried that Spot was part of this post.

    awwwww, Wilbur was adorable.

    You are beautiful!

  2. However long they are with us they love us comfort us and change us for the better.The love you had/have for them shows in your face in the photos, and you are beautiful

  3. Checking things out over in this neck of the interwebs...nice animals:) Yay for successful adoptions
    And my word, you are VERY beautiful-but you knew that:)