Friday, December 3, 2010


New pics of baby Shenanigan!

Doesn't she look cute in her little blaze orange blankie?

She is doing very well, ***said with fingers and toes crossed*** and mama Chantilly is just fine too ***said while knocking on wood***

She is very strong and fast, we have had a heck of a time catching her to weigh her and put her blanket on, LOL!

She is a light fawn, much like Kerry, but I think a wee bit lighter.

I also included pics of our four breeding males:

--Artemus with the white chest
--Dakota with the white leg
--Barney the medium brown
--Impact the beige one

They never get much camera time because the cria are just so damn adorable!


  1. Thanks Guys!

    She is really fun to watch, she isn't one that needs to hang right by mama. She will skitter all over the place and she is very fast but also has great brakes!

    It is especially funny when she careens into one of the other girls!

  2. She sure is full of herself, now. The boys looks so dignified--like all the baby siliiness is beneath them. Dakota looks like he has a cast on his leg. Does he pass that on? I soooo wanna paca! (One of our neighbor's somehow went under the fence. He(she/it?) was heading down their drive spooking our horses into total idiocy which then spooked paca back to its' buddy. Cat was so happy, she did not want to deal with a runaway paca cause it might spit at her!)

  3. Phaedra, not sure what Dakota will do. He is young, just now four. We bred him with Dancer for a spring baby for his first time. I am thinking we will have a very nice baby. He is very attractive with good bloodlines and she has some really good stuff in hers and she is a pretty mix of brown and white.

    Anyway, Nanny (Shenanigan) is definitely full of herself, and that is because she can be. She is frickin fast and agile which is great!

    ***Heaving a big sigh of relief as each day goes by***

  4. Peeking in for snow pictures...

  5. How adorable!

    Don't forget to throw some salt too while you're at it... Every little bit helps.

  6. So how is our darling baby doing? No problems, I hope! Ya know, just jogging your memory that we wait for updates!

  7. Phaedra,

    She is doing great, gaining weight and just as feisty as she can be.

    Will get some new pics tomorrow.