Sunday, December 26, 2010


Just some random pictures from the last few days.

We are getting lots of snow (at least for us) that began yesterday afternoon.

Gotta love the cat who ate Christmas Town!


  1. It looks beautiful and the little Cria in her coat!!!! too sweet!Puss is in a precarious position , hope he is more graceful than my Diesel!

  2. How magical HHF looks covered in snow. Just lovely.

  3. Fern, so far he hasn't knocked anything over.

    I try to keep him off the counters but he is such a stubborn little cuss!

    NCC, I love it when it snows here, it is so pretty and it was extra special this year because it was on Christmas Day which rarely happens.

  4. Great pics, CCC!

    Mr. Orange Cat (Colonel Parker?) certainly is lord and master of his domain;)

  5. Thanks GL.

    Yes, the orange cat is Colonel Parker, otherwise known as Cat Get Off The Counter!

    He was supposed to be a barn cat but decided that was not his gig, so over a period of weeks, he managed to stubborn his way into being an indoor/outdoor cat. He then progressed into thinking he can be on the counters, we are still arguing about that. Between that and him stalking me everywhere, there is alot of discussion between the two of us. LOL!