Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SPOT SULLIVAN 3/9/98-11/2/2010

We have had a bad couple of weeks here at Hummingbird Hill Farm.

Yesterday, I had to have my old Dalmation Spot euthanized and after the recent losses of Annie and Aran, it was extremely difficult. However, it was time and he was ready.

He went quickly and peacefully in our van and we brought him home and buried him in a sunny place near the house!

I know my dad was waiting for him.

I have had dogs all my life and, no matter what the situation, the end always rips my heart out, but I would never trade the love, affection and joy that these wonderful beings have brought me during my lifetime for anything.

Godspeed my darling Spot!


  1. Love and hugs from all of us at Fern Valley.Spot lived a blessed life loving and being loved by you .Rest in peace dear boy

  2. Warm hugs, soft sighs, the love for your critters lights up my days.

    To Sweet Spot & his long happy life.

    Thank you for being there, always, CCC.

  3. One of the hardest things we had to do was let Bill's Sparky go; she was the shady side of 14 and not enjoying life very much any more. Hugs and love to you, and to looking forward to happier things.

  4. Blessed are the animals of HHF for they know peace, love, full tummies and belly rubs. Heaven on earth.

  5. Thanks to all of my special friends. I always know that you all will have kind words and understanding.


  6. I'm so sorry, it has been a dreadful fall for you. Isn't it nice to know that Spot had the best life possible with you. Truly a heaven on Earth.

  7. A life well-lived, and so loved.
    goodbye, Spot. I know there are two golden retrievers up there who are showering you with wags, play bows, and offerings of tennis balls.

  8. It is never easy losing an animal, whether it is a sudden thing or just age creeping up and finally getting the best of us. All my best to you CCC. It may be rough times, but the animals are blessed in having called your place home.

  9. Sending you my belated thoughts, CCC. I've been out of the loop with my own stuff, but I knew Spot was coming to the end, so I checked in. Such a well loved pup. I really like what you said about never trading the love, affection, and joy. I wish you lots of other doggie kisses.