Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well, Cria watch starts again.

Chantilly is exhibitng signs that she is ready to deliver.

Barney is the dad of this one. He is the one in the profile picture. You can't tell from that pic, but he is a gorgeous shade of dark chestnut brown. We are hoping for some color for this cria. Chantilly's first cria was white, but she was bred with Impact who is a very light beige and given that her mom is Caitlin who is well know for throwing white no matter who she is bred with, well, hell, I guess I don't care. I just want the delivery to go well, Chantilly to do well and to have a healthy cria.

Chantilly is the girl on the left in the pic by the hay feeder. She is as big as the side of the barn, LOL! Her mama Caitlin is to her left.

Chantilly is also the one with the cria laying pretty much on her. That is her very first cria, born last November. She proved to be a very good momma.

I would appreciate positive thoughts from my blogger friends on this delivery. After our recent losses, I am scared.

I will say that we have 2 quarts of fresh frozen cow colostrum on hand, fcuk that powdered shit!

Will keep everyone updated.


  1. Good thoughts and prayers for an easy delivery and a healthy momma and baby!

  2. what Fern said. To a healthy cria and easy delivery for Chantilly, ccc!

  3. Make that squared... or should that be cubed?

    I'm always the square. WTH?

    All of our best for both momma, cria and of course your nerves through it all!

  4. (rushes back in)
    what happened??
    any news?

    Easy-peasy, Chantilly.

    (settles back down to wait)

    I think that makes you a quad, CNJ.
    hey, let's play euchre! I SUCK at euchre..

  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto!!! Thoughts and best wishes to you and Chantilly. Update as soon as the event occurs so we can all breathe again, 'kay?

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  7. Okay, after observing Chantilly all weekend and reviewing my breeding records, I am lowering the cria alert from Defcon 2 to Defcon 4.

    I think Kevin was over reacting to some things because he is so concerned.

    I feel she has about 2 more weeks, however, we are as ready as we can be and have our plan in place.

    Will keep things updated as needed!

  8. 10:4
    Defcon 4 status acknowledged.

    (stamps out campfire.)