Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I want to thank everyone for their well wishes for my boy Tip. As you can see, he is up and walking around as of this morning. Still a bit weak, but damn, sooo much better. We still don't have the results from the West Nile Virus titers, but at this point, who cares.

He and his little bro Killa will stay in the basement for at least several more weeks. I don't want to risk putting him back too early.

This weekend we will set up a small pen outside the basement so they can graze for a bit before it gets too hot each day.

I will say, we are lucky to have a walk out basement with a single car garage door as access. That has allowed us easy access for them and any other critter that might need it.


  1. OOPS, meant to ask, why do I have a cat who thinks it is okay to get on my counters and lick the fresh veggies?

    Rotten cat!

  2. Yay for Tip! so glad he is on the mend. I was about tho ask if you noticed the cat on the counter? Maybe he/she thunks ther is butter on the corn?

  3. Awwww, kitty corn:)

    Tip is UP!! Whoooo, HOOOOT!

    He's looking so much better, thanks to you at HHF!

    GO TIP!

  4. So good to know he is doing well.

  5. Phew! I have been checking back for updates--hopefully he is on the mend and will be back pronking with his mates in no time!! Cats is cats is cats. If they think they can get away with whatever they do....why else do I need to make a cover for my is THE place to lay and look out the window!

  6. OK ,I am a moron ,is it squash not corn?

  7. Fern, no you aren't a moron, silly!

    It is yellow zucchini.

  8. We don't see that there vege-tayble, much, in the frozen north. Plus, it's gross:)
    overly picky eater out..

    How is he now? He sure looks so much better there..

  9. Glad to see the little guy is doing better. Maybe let them out at night to graze? Unless of course predators are a problem. Don't need to go from one bad thing to another. Good thing for the basement being situated and configured that way. That's good planning on the part of the pacas to have parents like you. :)

  10. Tip is actually back outside.

    Kevin put him out before I really wanted him to be, but he is doing just fine. Looking at him now you wouldn't know that anything had been wrong at all.

    We still don't have the West Nile Titer back believe it or not, and it really doesn't matter other than it would give us a definitive answer, mystery illnesses bother me.

    I am leaving at 3:30 today, tomorrow and Thursday to take care of everything since my husband is vacationing on a beautiful lake in Minnesota. Of course, it is back up to 100 degrees so I need to get home during the hottest part of the day to hose everyone off.

    I am thinking there is a husband that owes me BIG!

  11. We are hitting the road Friday to sit on a beautiful lake in Minnesota. I dread the trip; vacation does not start til we are there! What lake? Soooo happpy that pacas are pronking again! We are suffering 106 heat indexes here in Indiana. (Have I sniveled lately that I hate summer)

  12. I'll take your 106 any day. Still hot, but better than our 110+. May only be 4 degrees but they suck! Bring on fall.

    Glad the little guy is back out with the others. Let's hope there is no more of this and he can stay there.