Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My boy Tipper is not doing well. He has major muscle weakness and can barely stand let alone walk. His temp is normal, he had good heart and gut sounds, is eating and drinking well and is alert but he just can't stand or walk much. Vet was out this morning, gave him thiamin, banamine and an antibiotic and left me the same for the next few days. Pulled some blood to test for West Nile. We are thinking that it is cummulative effects from this God awful heat.

We moved him on a blanket, travois style into our basement where it is 68-70 degrees to help him. Also brought over his little brother Killa so that he has company.

Good thoughts would be appreciated!


  1. Good thoughts and apca prayers from the north!Sending cooler temps if I can

  2. Oh, dear Tip, be well soon, please! Cooool thoughts for Tip..

    Hoping he's better soon, poor wee guy!

  3. Good thoughts from the west! We will try to keep out heat contained a bit better from now on. Promise.

    You know you are an alpaca person when...

    you have paca's in your basement.
    you don't even stop to think twice about using such beautiful quilts to put your paca's on
    you think nothing of bringing in another paca to keep the first one company...

  4. Paca prayers coming on the wings of hummingbirds, CCC.

  5. I so hope it is just suffering from the heat and not something more serious. Poor little guy and poor you..

  6. Thanks for the thoughts everyone!

    Tip is about the same this morning. Still alert, eating, drinking and pooing/peeing but still very weak when he stands. This morning he got up a couple of times, managed to stay up for 20-30 seconds, take a few steps, but then back down.

    Our vet did say, if the heat caused some type of damage, it could take awhile for him to heal.

    That is okay, he can spend as much time in the basement as he needs to.


    SNORK, thanks for the giggle!

  7. CCC- Don't think for a moment that the same does not apply to horses! At least in some circles.

  8. Tip seemed to make an eensy bit of progress last night and this morning, but tonight, not so sure. It is really looking like West Nile but won't have the official results until Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

    Will update daily and I appreciate the concern. He is such a cutie!

    CNJ, believe me, if any of my horses needed it, they would be in the basement too!

  9. Not sure as I would go so far as putting a horse in the basement....would have a time navigating the steps! Hope things are looking up on the paca front line. It cooled off(!) here temporarily, and is back to hot, muggy, icky, sticky, sweat running in your eyes just walking across the yard, foggy in the morning(visibility zero). Just the kind of weather corn fungus loves but not man nor beast. ICK!

  10. CCC- the one night when hubbys mare coliced and we stayed out with her, I pulled the truck around to the back so we could charge our phones and take turns sleeping inside. Bringing her into the house wouldn't have worked in our case so we did the next best thing I could think of.

    I hope the little guy pulls through this all soon. If it is WNV, at least you have something to go by and the vet will know how to treat it. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

    It rained here over the weekend. Enough to wet the ground and make it humid and misreable. Then with the sun coming out- hot humid and miserable. YUCK!