Saturday, September 4, 2010


It has been awhile since I posted anything.

It has been a miserable summer. Extremely hot weather, meager amounts of rain and really buggy. Needless to say, I have been pretty crabby for several months. I am so looking forward to the Fall which is just around the corner. I know we will still get some hot days for awhile longer, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am just hoping we don't get as much rain as we did last Fall although we really do need a bunch to get back on track. I had hoped that Hurricane Earl would bring some rain our way, and we did get a bit, but it wasn't near enough.

To update everyone, Tip is doing just fine now. We never did figure out what happened. The West Nile Virus titer was negative and nothing unusual showed up in all of his other bloodwork. Oh well, as long as the cute little bugger is strong and healthy, that is what matters.

We will be microchipping the four cria tomorrow or Monday and getting their final papers in order. DNA testing is required by the Alpaca Registry to show parentage and they must be registered in order to show. We will be taking them to Lexington this year in mid-October. We went last year with Portfolio and little Annie, but that was really just to get our feet wet. I am excited to show our cria.

As far as this year's crop, we are thinking we will have four, the first one would be due in early November. I, of course, will be putting up posts about that as time gets closer.

The pictures are just some ones I have taken randomly.

The little frog was in the plant I have on the table out on the back porch. I think he is pretty cute.

The picture outside was of a storm that was approaching a couple of weeks ago. Notice that Colonel Parker was monitoring the situation on the TV.

And a few pics of my hummers. I haven't been able to get a good one of the whole flock, just too dang blurry. Little suckers are very fast!


  1. Great pics!
    LOL, I'll trade you, we have a very cool fall weekend going here, after a five day record heat wave. Hot/Cold.
    100 degrees to 55 degrees, Jeeeeesh.

    Glad Tip is tip-top, now!
    I have a wee frog just like that, he was clinging to our LR bay windows' exterior last night, amazing how they can cling/move on glass!

  2. Today was 82, sunny with a bit of a breeze and low humidity. It was truly grand!

    I occasionally have one of the wee froggies on one of the sliding glass doors. I love their little toes. Do you know what kind they are?

  3. great pics of the hummers, I was never able to get another of my attack hummer for you , maybe next year. That is also the greenest frog I have ever seen. Hoping for some rain and milder temps for you soon

  4. Those frogs are adorable!! I probably would have over looked the one in the plant, he blends so well.

  5. NCC, the plant sits in a pretty container. It was given to me by some of my girls at the office after dad passed away. I pull it out of the container when I water it. When I did yesterday, there he was, kinda made me jump a bit.

    Last night, when I was getting ready for bed, I had the door from my room to the porch open for the doggies and lo and behold, there the froggie was again, this time stuck to my bedroom wall. I scooped him up which wasn't easy and put him back out. I have already had a turtle in my bed, didn't really want a froggie hopping around there too!

  6. I just call 'em tree toads..
    They are not frogs, but toads, I think..

    off to look up some amphibians for CCC...

  7. Okay, so I will try again. Wrote some maudlin idiocy about froggies and pacas pronking happily and it would not load. Period. We cooled off here, TG, and are trying to get some stuff done that was put off because it was sooo frickin hot. We find froggies stuck to the hydrant handles. And, I do mean stuck.I have a mental image of you peeling froggie off the wall one sticky finger at a time!!!

  8. Glad it is cooling off for everyone. It is a bit crisp & nippy in the morning here. At least I think so. Probably in the low 80's or something rediculous like that... LOL

    Glad to hear Tip is fine and pulled through without any further issues. Mystery ailments are the worst since you have no way of knowing the cause to prevent a reoccurance.

    I took our hummingbird feeder down over the weekend to put the windchime back up- two size 3 horseshoes that came off my mare. I'll be getting it put back up and another one too. I like seeing the little birds zipping around at mach 10.

    We also planted our lemon tree, (grown from a seed) in the front yard. It seems to be doing well and hopefully it won't be too long before it begins producing as well. I'll have to get pics of it up soon. Planted some apple seeds too that came from the apple I fed to Holly. We shall see where it goes.

  9. Whew! Sounds like everyone survived this hellish sort of summer and now we move into fall. Some of us now gear up to survive a hellish sort of winter. CNJ. Count your blessings you have the kind of winter we all would love to have for ourselves.

  10. I have filled our hummingbird feeder. Now they have something to show up for. I have also turned an old fountain into a bird bath. If they don't like it, I will make a planter out of it...

    Phaedra- I would exchange part of our winters for part of everyone elses summers. Fair enough?

    But without the cold we wouldn't so appreciate the warmth of a fire. Without the heat of summer, we wouldn't enjoy a dip in the lake...

  11. Happy news! On Sunday as we headed out for our appointments, a hummingbird had stopped by at the feeder. His stay was brief, but I noticed the feeder was nearly empty...

    1 part sugar to 4 parts water to refill it. Hopefully he will bring others.

  12. What great pictures! I'm looking forward to Fall too! Summer is great but very long in my current area of the world.
    At first, I thought the hummingbirds were grasshoppers! How extraordinary! But the best has to be the TV watching cat! What a gem!
    Please come and visit me at my history blog - It's about St. Nicholas; really good for restoring your faith in human beings (re what you wrote in your profile ;) I agree though, the animal world is a most special place to be... I don't know how people live without the purity or animals in their lives.