Sunday, July 18, 2010


We have been having a terrible summer, really hot and dry. We went for five or six weeks with no measureable rain and temps in the upper 90's and 100's. I even had to start feeding the horses hay.

Kevin and I decided to go ahead and stock up on hay for the year because it isn't looking good for more cuttings. We now have about 600 bales of good quality orchard grass stored. It is a wonderful thing to have that kind of storage building here.

Anyway, we have had some rain over the past week, thank goodness. Friday we had two separate storms go through that dropped a bit over 1" of rain. Perked all of the flora up quite a bit.

However, temps are going to be holding in the mid to upper 90's all week.


As you can see, the little Hummer was watching the beautiful rain from the rail on our porch. They like to hang out there under the ferns. Sometimes there are three or four of them perched there.


  1. Hey, I was rain-dancing as hard as I could for ya.

    It got me funny looks from my dogs:)
    Glad it finally worked, I can stop!
    The dogs will stop snickering at me...

  2. Thanks for the rain dance, all of us at HHF really appreciate it.

    You iz bery powerful!

  3. Nice to have things greening up.We have had a bunch of rain , now we need it to quit so we can get the hay off the fields!

  4. We went from too much rain to none. It finally broke and we have had 3/4 inch in the last two days. Need more. Could do without the massive, scary, tornado-potential thunderstorms, however. (it is not September, yet?) I hate summer. No fun at all.

  5. We can always use some rain. Send us you leftovers! We will never complain. Promise!!!

    It is beautiful where you live. I don't think I could ever tire of the scenery. Please keep it coming.

  6. Phaedra, the older I get, the more I hate summer! Fall is my favorite.

    CNJ, I don't have any extra at this time, but I believe Fern could send you some.

    It is a beautiful area to live in. I plan to go out and about in the county and get more pics to put up here.

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