Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I went out to feed on Saturday evening and look what I found!

I knew Dancer was going to pop very soon. I was glad she did before yesterday, which was shearing day. While she would still have been shorn, it was less traumatizing to her to already have delivered.

Anyway, she is a big un, weighed 19 lbs and she is as tall as our two month old male Guiness.

This is the first cria Dancer has had for us but she has proven to be a stellar mother. That baby nursed four or five times in the first two hours and Dancer is all over her protecting her and keeping a very vigilant eye.

Guiness was messing around with her on Sunday, and mama Dancer was having none of that, she gave him quite a shove with her nose.

We haven't settled on a name yet although Kevin mentioned Galway Bay, which fits her color and we could call her Gal for short, but it sounds kinda masculine to me.

Keeping with the Irish theme, anyone have a suggestion?

I included a pic of my lovely cherry blossum tree, a pic of my cute little girl Gracie and one of Colonel Parker who had a good time playing in a box I had set out when I was cleaning out some kitchen drawers. What a kook he is, LOL!


  1. Yay! She looks wonderful !!Love the color. Good girl Dancer! You could call her Gala(Gayla) maybe a bit more feminine . Love colonel Parker in the box , he is a cool cat, and smooches to Gracie

  2. She is soooo cute! Need a Gaelic word for white face or mask... I don't know Gaelic though...


    trés adorable! Good Momma Dancer!
    Maybe Gala, she looks so festive with her white face! My brains aren't awake yet, maybe Gail?

    sorry, Stinky is trying to type here..

    beautiful pictures!
    yeah, what is it with cardboard boxes and cats..

    and space-bars, old Stinky looooves the spacebar on a keyboard...

    HUGS and congrats!

  4. Fiona means beautiful, shining, fair or white, depending on the context. It is closely related to Guinevere. Both can be said to be white ghost or beautiful spirit.

  5. Oh Kaede, I love that. Thank you so much!

    Fiona it is!

  6. Brilliant, as usual, kaede!

    I have always loved that name!

  7. I glad you didn't name her Deirdre, which some say means sorrowful, but I was told it mean "The Roaring One" or "The Raging Woman" perhaps "noisy" again depends on context.

  8. Glad to see you back! And with all that lovely fiber...lucky you! That is one adorable face. I just love the white.