Sunday, February 20, 2011


Some updated pics of Guinness and Shenanigan, plus a pic of Drizella, Clare, Kerry and Bubbles.

All is well here at HHF, just waiting for Caitlin to pop and as you can see, Dancer is rounding out quite nicely. She will be due in early April and she will have Dakota's first cria. I would like to give a shout out to my Canadian friends as that is where Dancer is from. We were lucky to get her, not so easy to obtain them anymore. She does have nice lines to Snowmass Braveheart as well, so we are excited to see what this cria will be.

Hope all is well with everyone


  1. Cute pics as ever! They are just too adorable for their own good.

    Love the last one.

  2. Thanks CNJ. They are always especially cute when they are first trying to eat hay or feed!

    Hope all is okay with you and your girls.

  3. Oops, and just realized that I did not include the pic of very pregnant Dancer. Will do so on the next post.

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Love the little one with the white on his/her leg

  5. rushes in, panting..

    I missed this, how did I miss this? I love paca pics, love the lowered eye-brow of the white one.

    (hangs head in shame, I forget names like ThaT.)
    More, more, More pictures!!
    Demanding, eh? sorrry. Good luck with the shows!

    word verf, "tumshoo".
    My tummy shooed.

  6. (coughs quietly)

    ((((((HUGS)))))) from Dancer's homeland!