Monday, October 18, 2010


These are a few pics from today of our surprise cria. She was not due for about 3 weeks. Her official name is Hummingbird Hill Araon (pronounced Erin). My daughter and her best friend did a great job as we were still at the show. Unfortunately, her Mom had some complications later, and did not make it.

I will post some more later.


  1. She is beautiful!!!! WHat a legacy momma left you!Hugs

  2. Congratulations and condolences. How do you raise an orphaned cria?

  3. Wow, what a cutie! Love the markings. Your yard is gorgeous too, BTW. Soooo jealous there.

    Sorry to hear about losing her momma. That is never an easy thing to deal with. One of my biggest fears when foaling time rolls around each year.

  4. OMG, she's incredible!

    kaede said it best, congrats, consoles.

    To Wildhaired Annie.
    She left you a beautiful gift.

    hugs and sighs, and useless pats on the shoulder.

    Life with animals is not for the fainter of hearts.

  5. But at least Annie got to live in paradise, before she departed for the next.

  6. Ooooh, lookit that face! She is just cuter than cute. How do you not spoil a cria that cute?! I'd create a monster...coooing at cria....

  7. What an adorable face! So, so sad she lost her mama.

  8. Thanks to everyone!

    Been a pretty tough couple of days, will do some more updating in a few days.

    Phaedra, your girl Clare took 2nd place in her class. She had the most dense and longest fleece, just wasn't quite as fine as the first place girl. We now know how we will need to breed her.

    My girl Kerry was 5th in a class of 9. She is a pretty tiny girl, which I didn't think mattered, but, apparently with some judges it does, she was marked down for her size. She was by far, the cutest girl in the whole class and had the most uniform coat and the best luster. Oh well, she was a good girl and she had lots of compliments from everyone thoughout the two days we were there.

    I will do some more updating here, just so very upset about the death of Annie. Hopefully, we will get some idea from the necropsy.

  9. CCC- glad to hear the results of the show. Can't wait for the updates. Did anyone get any pic's at the show? I am interested in seeing how it goes.

  10. So sorry for being late to the party- she is just beautiful!!!! Want, want want!!!!