Monday, October 25, 2010


Things have been really crazy around here this past week. In addition to taking care of the new orphan which means feeding every 2-3 hours around the clock, we had out of town company for four days. We really enjoyed seeing them, but it was a bit challenging to make sure they had a good time and also take care of the Aran. I think we were successful.

The pics are from the last week.

Godspeed to our girl CPHA Anastasia! She was such a good girl and an excellent mom. We are waiting the results of the necropsy because this was so unexpected and tragic.

Baby Aran is doing well and Dancer, the big brown and white female has taken her under her wing, she will let Aran snuggle up to her at night. Bless Dancer's mommy heart!

I have also enclosed some pics from the show. Please ignore the fat woman with the cute pacas. We did pretty well and learned alot and made some more really wonderful contacts.

We are thinking of showing in Lexington again in March.


  1. I love it!!! Baby is adorable and just look at that handler!!!! Great stuff!

  2. Who is the hottie with Clare? fat my arse! you are a lovely lady! Aran is so adorable and so lucky to have good care with you and your hubby!

  3. I'm STILL looking for the fat lady. Does she sing?

    The beauty holding the cria looks like a goddess.

    The crias are adorable!
    Thank you for posting, CCC. You must be utterly exhausted, nursing that Aran baby 'round the clock.
    Get some rest, although you sure don't need beauty sleep.
    Had to throw that one in, too.

  4. AHHH, you girls are so sweet.

    I thought we did a great job of setting up our stall, the pumpkins and mums looked great, and isn't the area beautiful?

    I am wanting to do the show in March because I really disagree with the judging on Kerry, size is really not supposed to matter, but in talking with others, they will say that certain judges like the bigger pacas and really won't use the smaller ones. HUMPFFFTTT! My Kerry had the most uniform color and the thickest fiber there. Anyway, we will see on that one.

    Aran's IGG was way low, given the situation with her momma, she probably didn't get much in the way of colostrum. I think, since she doesn't have a momma, we are going to do the plasma transfer so that she does have the immune system that she needs. She is worth every dime.

    Going to wash my face, brush my teeth and head out for the night shift.

    Hope everyone has a good one!

  5. You look amazing! The cria next to you is awfully beautiful too.

    Funny and crazy how some people will put size over quality, isn't it? I feel your pain on this one with my pony. It's an ongoing battle I tell ya...

    Love the stall front decorations. Simple is always nicer than overdone and gawdy. Lots of color and eye appeal there. If you do go to Lexington in March, your pacas will have their own, online cheering section. You might wear earplugs, since the roar of this crowd is deafening. Just thought I would remind you...

  6. BTW- That first pic is just awesome! What a face...

    word verif- pronsh I guess they were trying to get around to pronk?

  7. Thanks CNJ!

    I was really pleased with our stall setup and I totally agree that too much is just gaudy. My pacas will be pleased that they have a rooting section.

    I also agree about the size issue, what the hell is up with that? Kerry is petite, but her conformation is suitable for her size. Oh well, we know how judging can be.

    I do love that top picture of Annie, she was a very unique looking girl and a wonderful mom. She will be sorely missed around here!

  8. HMMM, maybe pronsh is the French word for pronk?