Sunday, October 16, 2011


Some updated pictures of my girls.

Darby is doing well. We are supplementing her with some extra milk because it doesn't seem that Drizella is producing quite enough. Just a few extra ounces three times a day. She readily drinks it then goes right over to mom and nurses a bit more.

Our next show will be the first weekend of December and we will be taking Shenanigan, Rowena, Fiona, Guiness and either Tipperary or Dakota.

They changed the date from mid October to early December and moved the venue. It will be held at Meadow Event Park just outside of Richmond. This will be SOOOO much better for us, it is a bit less than an hour from us instead of three hours from us.

Meadow Event Park was the horse farm where Secretariat was born and raised. The State bought it and has turned it into a very nice place. This is where the Virginia State Fair is now located.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Cria cuteness OVERload:)

    Great news that the venue has been changed, for your convenience!

  2. Wonderful pics!I absolutley LOVE the first one!

  3. I love the third one, best, I think, but they are ALL trés adorable..

    Little puffs of cuteness, everywhere.

    Sorry, I had to rush a bit today. I'll be baaaack..

  4. They are so freakin ADORABLE! How much do you have to restrain yourself from just going out there and hugging them?

    Good luck at the show. Glad to hear it is now closer. That's always good.

  5. I was so happy to get a few good pics on Sunday. It was so sunny, I couldn't see much on the camera screen, mostly just pointed, guessed and shot the pics.

    CNJ, I grab a hug and a kiss whenever I can, LOL!

  6. Awwwww! Love the baby with the cream face and brown ears. How cute is that! Good luck at the show. (Hubby and I have watched the Secretariat movie four times---just love watching "him" blowing them away. I wonder how Penny feels sitting in the stands watching the recreation!)

  7. Phaedra, good to hear from you.

    I liked the Secretariat movie but I do have a problem with the inaccuracy of some things.

    "Can you say, Riva Ridge?"

  8. CCC- Glad I'm not the only one. I just couldn't get 'into' the movie. And while I like Diane Lane, she just didn't seem to fit the part for me. I did like watching the ending though, even though we all knew he was going to just blow the doors off the rest of the field.

    I gotta ask- With our calf Buzz being such a friendly little booger, I am slowly becoming entranced by cow breath. He loves having the underside of his jaw line rubbed and scratched. He 'grins' and breathes at you while you do it. Do the pacas have a distinct smell to them? Paca breath, if you will... Just oddly curious for some strange reason.

  9. CNJ, the cria have sweet breath and soft little lips.

    Now, when they grow up, they have nice hay breath, unless they are in spitting mode. Then, no, nasty.

    I have found that some of the adults have much more of a tendency to spit, Chantilly is a bad one for that and so is her son TIp.

  10. Suffering from cria cuteness withdrawal..

    Thank you, much better now:)

  11. Am I the only one hearing the crickets chirp?