Sunday, June 26, 2011


WOW, has it been a month since I posted? Big doings at work and at home have kept me very preoccupied.

These are just some updated pics from around the farm.

Garden is mostly doing very well, tomatoes suck but guess who will be inundated with squash and zuccini? The cucs are doing well but the green beans are not. My two favs are not going to pan out, SIGH!

Lots of other plantings doing well.

Threw in some pics of critter visitors we have here.

And, of course, had to throw in pics of a hound and his cat, LOL!

How do you like my new bed? Kevin found it on Craigslist for an extremely reasonable price. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bed. I have always wanted one just like it!


  1. Wrought iron beadstead! so nice!!! You place always looks so pretty and welcoming

  2. Love the bed! Awesome scoring something so fabulous. I have found a few things on there lately too.

    My garden is much the same, the stuff I want to grow- doesn't and the stuff I could care less about- just can't kill the damn crap! What gives?

  3. I gotta say once again that I love the damn bed. I don't know why Kevin went looking for something like that, but I am so glad he did.

    Fern, thanks for saying that about the place, I do some stuff here and there, but most of the credit for the outside goes to Kevin. He loves doing that stuff. Today he started mulching the beds so I will get some updated pics because nothing looks better than fresh mulched flower beds.

    CNJ, wish I knew what gives on the garden. I do know we had a fungus amungus on the maters, we dusted but it didn't do any good. The ones we planted were Better Boys, so we got a few more of a totally different variety, they are doing good, so maybe it is something to do with the variety. We have had real good luck in the past with the Better Boys, but who knows what could have happened. I would love to get hold of some Heirloom plants. Will let you know what the outcome is with this new variety. Supposed to be very heat resistant.

    We really have never had good luck with green beans unfortunately.

    Hoping for some nice cantaloupes, those plants are looking pretty good!

  4. Oh, CCC, as always, your place brings some tears, it's so pretty! What a rough life that poor hound and her cat lead, eh??
    Nice predator shot with Skippy:) And that's a turkey, if I'm not mistaken! way cool. sigh....
    LOVE the bed, just don't get any of your body parts stuck in it, not that you WoulD:)
    You are vertically challenged after all;)
    (ducks and runs, yelling, STINNING, it's a word!!)

  5. GL, yes, one of the pics is of a big gobbler that survived Spring turkey season. The other, with the turkey in the background, is a hen that I see on a regular basis. I think it is her that is now tromping around with a couple of babies.

    Yea, Skippy is such a predator, she watched that deer until she got tired of it, then came back in the house. I believe I heard that deer snickering!

    I will purposefully ignore your comment about my vertical range and stinning is only a word on Facebook!