Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just a few new pics from around the farm.

My wisteria has come in very nicely this year. Last year, one side came in way after the other side. I almost thought that one side had died. This year no problem.

I included a shot of Buck and Spunky enjoying their grass. Those two are so funny together but I think old Spunk looks good for thirty. That odd post in the middle of the picture is part of a fenceline that Kevin is taking down by the way.

A couple of new pics of our cria, Rowenna aka Wenna, Fiona aka Fee and Guiness the Menace.

The last two are of paca "romance" Artie style. We are putting Dancer and Artie together for an early April 2012 cria. We will put Artie back with Bubbles later this month. Chantilly won't be rebred until November, Chloe next spring and Caitlin will not be bred again. She is 15 this summer, so she has earned her retirement.


  1. It certainly is beautiful where you are. And the horse and Paca look well and wonderful.

  2. Love, love, love the wisteria vine. Absolutely beautiful. I am hoping some day to have one of those somewhere and Lavendar plants as well.

    The crias as as cute as ever an the horses look like they are loving springtime. Glad it finally warmed up for you there.

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    I can't take much credit for the wisteria, it was planted before we bought the place, but I do think feeding it a few times a year has been helpful. I remember the first year we lived here, it was pretty but not near that lush. I do think I got a little over zealous with the feeding last year and that is why it came in kinda funky. Hoping during the winter when it is dormant to be able to replace the structure it is on. Why in the hell would you use non-salt treated lumber in a situation like that?

    I want to have a new trellis made of metal. We know a guy here in the county who does metal work. Great guy to know, he is also a master mechanic and does great work on all of our vehicles.

    CNJ, we have actually had a very nice, normal spring thank goodness. There has been some nasty storm activity, but it is avoiding us.

    I think it has avoided us because of the extreme Cria cuteness we have going on here, LOL!

  4. Wisteria and paca porn!!!! How lucky can a girl get?

    Awesome cuteness at HHF.

  5. I know NCC, never a dull moment here, LOL!!!!

  6. sorry I'm late, I am struck speechless, okay typeless, at the beauty of your place. wow!

    awesome, spectacular pics!

    Best post EVAR!

  7. Okay, I just zoomed in on the paca porn. I am voyeur;)
    Love the expression on the breedee.
    "Could ya hurry up?? I have a hair appointment!"

  8. Snorking GL, that is exactly what all of the breedees look like, now the breeders, that is a different story. LOL!

    Oh and thanks for the compliment, this place is really beautiful. I feel very lucky everyday that we were able to make it ours!

  9. wisteria is beautiful! You have a lovely place there, your HHF! The babies are adorable, and Guiness does look like a freshly pulled pint with the cream head :)
    I didn't know uh pacas did 'it' lying down. Dancer looks around like nothing's happening, while Artie is um, intent on his job.

  10. Yea, I think the males get way more out of it than the females. They all wear the same expression.

    It is funny to watch the girls nibble on the grass with a disinterested look on their faces especially when the boys are so intent, LOL!