Monday, January 31, 2011


Here are just a couple of new pics of our little cria born this morning. He is doing pretty well but mom Chloe hasn't been interested in him much. I have had to feed him several times but I think Chloe is settling in now.

Thank goodness that I was here today!


  1. OMG, how adorable! Chloe, listen, wench, loosen up your womb and love that baby, or I'll come down there with Flip and Blaze, and we'll stare you to DEATH!
    LAST warning.

    Hugs, girl, thanks to goodness you're there.

  2. Chloe done good! Glad she is mothering up.When we have a disintersted cow ,sometimes I will take Winston in there , seems that they percieve the dog as a threat(even Win) and mother up right smartly

  3. Awwwwe! They are so adorable when they are young and even when they get older.

    Glad to hear Momma is coming around. One day maybe she will be glad she did.

  4. YAY BABY!!! WHOO HOOT! She is sooo cute...

  5. Thank goodness that his mom has finally stepped up and bonded with him.

    Don't know what the problem was, Chloe was great with little Kerry last year.

    She was doing better with him yesterday, but today was the breakthrough.

    We got lots of fresh frozen cow colostrum down him, like a quart and then were giving him a bit of milk replacer. He would never have made it without the supplementation, and I thank goodness that I was home when he was born or he would have gone six or so hours with nothing, which might have gone very badly.

    We have named him Hummingbird Hill Guinness.

    I will get new pics this weekend with him and Nanny who is just beautiful and a big girl at two months old.